Hi, I’m C. Arcolà, i’m an electrical engineering student with a passion for robotics, automation, electronics and technology in general, both in space and military, as well as a long time Swiss lover;)
If you want to talk about all this and more, go have a look around and leave a comment, many minds are better than one!
I’ll be waiting!


3 responses to “About”

  1. Stephane Lanke says :

    Hello Christian!
    I found your guide on how to configure Arduino and xbmc to build an Ambiligt,
    I am about to go totally “bananas” regarding this. I’ve tried all different kind of guides on how to make this work, and it’s a no go. Untill I found your giude. I Have finally made my xbmc to connect to Boblight daemon and, but i dont get the lights when watching a movie. It seems like my configuration is very similair to yours, also using windows, XMBC Arduino and ws2812b ledstrips. Some advice on where to look to find out why its working would be really appreciated!


  2. darlyton says :

    Good day Mr Cristian i love your door lock project please i would like to contact you please send me a message on my email address tijjanidarlyton@yahoo.com


  3. Patrick Krijgsman says :

    Hi, have questions about the ambilight. Could you contact me?


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