An FPGA implementation of Kalman Filter on Altera DE2

As promise, here is the complete project of an hardware implementation of the Kalman estimation algorithm on Altera DE2 board.

This time I made a video with a small presentation and demonstration of the project. Enjoy!

For those who are willing to go into that and chew a bit of Italian, here is the link to the report associated with the project:
Implementazione del fltro di Kalman su FPGA

Check below for the link at complete project materials


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One response to “An FPGA implementation of Kalman Filter on Altera DE2”


    i am doing a project on kalman algorithm implementation and i am trying to recreate your set up using an alter de2 board but i am ignorant in altera. can you please guide me in the implementation part. also i would like to know what input you have actually specified for the kalman filter logic. and how to use the code u you specified for object tracking application.


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