Electric door locking system with touchscreen

Hi, today i want to show you my last summer project…yeah i said summer, cause when the sun burns everything out there on 15th august, what’s better than an arduino mega with 3.2″ TFT touchscreen module to play with? Yes, i’m absolutely fool, but if you want to mess with this, here is my code to start!

For now it supports navigation between menus and the ability to change password, in a photo you can see a flowchart of a menu navigation and change password routine.

In the .rar you can find a link to the exact model of arduino i used, some manuals and useful LCD and SD libs and two different version of code:

  • securecode: Bitmap version, it needs a copy of the content of “raw” directory on 2Gb SD card formatted in FAT32. The coolest but little slower.
    I have hand-drawn bitmap icons inspired from iOS 6 color theme 🙂 then converted in raw format.

    Check supplier site for SD compatibility list, i used one from an old satNav.

  • securecode old style: Line graphics without SD support, faster and lightweight. Don’t need an SD card with bitmaps to be inserted.

Just out of the box the right passcode is “11111111” and type “00000000” to enter setup, enjoy!

I’m looking to add voice control capabilities in the future…

Feel free to hack my code and extend cool functionality, i’m waiting for your pimped versions or comments with new ideas!


2013-12-30 19.54.34 2013-12-30 19.55.13



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